3rd MODX Snowup @ Grünenwald, Switzerland

February 6th - 9th 2020

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What it is all about?

The main goal will be meeting MODX oriented people. Have a sip of coffee in the morning, discussions, working together and take a sip of beer in the evening.

We are open for any suggestions and topics we can work on or talk about.

Write to Fabian if you have an idea or any question.


The main goal will be meeting MODX oriented people. Have a sip of coffee in the morning, discussions, working together and take a sip of beer in the evening.



fr., 7.2.

sat, 8.2.

sun, 9.2.








MODX3 in prodution /
Extra SEO 2.0
GP, Sterc

Extras in MODX3
Jako, treehillstudio




Fred in production
Steven J. McLean, Springbok

Extras in MODX3
Philipp, Amazili









16.30 Visit Monastery Engelberg





Websites & Catalogs w/ MIGX - Dimmy, Adwise






Vue & nuxt & MODX


About us

We are two guys working with MODX since several years and we are still excited about it. At least once a week we talk about how happy we are that we do not have to rack our heads on other, weird CMS.

We run our own small company called Pixmill.

Reto is the CSS and frontend wizard.

Fabian is more the behind-the-scences guy. And he took the chance to meet awesome like-minded people during meetups in Cologne, Almaty and Minsk. He calls the lovely Gasthaus Grünenwald his home.


Switzerland is expensive, for sure. So we would like to offer you free accomodation at our guesthouse. There are 5 guest rooms available.

1 room with 4 beds.
1 room with 3 beds.
3 rooms with 2 beds.

Sums up to 14 beds in total.

As the capacity is limited the rooms/beds are assigned in order of the applications.

We are fully booked. Have a look below to find a accomodation that suits you.

If anyone wants to spend money on a more modern atmosphere, we recommend the Hotel Bellevue-Terminus in Engelberg. Rooms for a lower budget you'll find at Spannort Inn. Book the room on their website directly. They offer better prices than booking.com and other platforms.


Capacity during sessions/workshops/eating/drinking

The Gasthaus Grünenwald is convenient for up to 25 people.

Food and Drinks

There should be enough of everything. We will cook and eat together. Just throw some money into the food pot and we will buy whatever everyone is keen on. Drinks are offered by us.

And most important: there are several coffee machines in the house. Coffee's for free and à go go.

In the middle of nowhere...

Why in wintertime in the Swiss Alps, you may ask yourself. The answer is simple: because we live here and Engelberg is a excellent skiing spot. So, if you'd like to jump out of the meeting and put your skis on: go ahead. There is some snow waiting for you. We'll try to provide you with some reduced-price tickets for the cable cars.

By car: check Google Maps, it will guide you. There are plenty of parking spaces in front of the house. Normally no need for snow chains, but make sure your car has winter tires.

By train: Take a train to Lucerne/Luzern. From there you'll find your connecting train up to Engelberg (about 1 hour). Then call me, I will pick you up at the trainstation of Engelberg.

By plane: fly to Zurich or Basel (easyjet). From Basel and Zurich to Engelberg is approximately the same distance. 


 Just send us an email or call us.


Confirmed (as of January 6th 2020)

  • Eelko Sterk, Adwise, @eelko.sterk
  • Emie Hilbelink, Adwise, @Emie Hilbelink
  • Dimitry Hilverda Adwise, @dimmy
  • Menno Pietersen, Any Screen Size, @mpietersen
  • Julian Weaver, finetuned, @julianweaver
  • Oliver Haase-Lobinger, mindeffects, @mindeffects
  • Vasily Naumkin, modx.pro, @bezumkin
  • Reto Eller, Pixmill, @retoeller
  • Jan Dähne, Quadro Webdesign, @quadro
  • Jens Külzer, Seda Digital, @wuuti
  • Steven James, Springbok, @Steven James
  • GP Sietzema, Sterc, @gpsietzema
  • Henk Everts, Sterc, @henkeverts
  • Oene Tjeerd de Bruin, Sterc, @oetzienl
  • Roel Zeilstra, Sterc, @roel
  • Sander Drenth, Sterc
  • Urs Beyeler, superspace, @superspace
  • Stefan Wachter, @Stefan Wachter


+41 76 571 13 31