5th MODX Snowup

24. - 27. February 2022




Date: 24. - 27. February 2022

Location: Gasthaus Grünenwald, Grünenwald 1, 6390 Engelberg, Switzerland

The Gasthaus Grünenwald is situated outside the mountain village of Engelberg in the german spoken heart of Switzerland. A quite famous ski ressort in Switzerland. Located centrally, about 30 kilometres from Lucerne.

The guesthouse Grünenwald was built a 100 years ago an run, since 20 years, by some music addicted guys and gals. A lot of bands come here to rehearse, but now we want to invite MODX addicts for a few days of tech and snow. We have the whole house to ourselves.

We want to meet and work together, have a good time and a few drinks. But there should also be enough time to catch the snowboard or skis to draw some lines into the snow.

Ok, at the moment it looks more like this.




Switzerland is expensive, for sure. So we would like to offer you accomodation at our guesthouse. There are 8 guest rooms available.

3 rooms with double beds 
1 room with 4 single beds
1 room with 3 single beds
3 rooms with 2 single beds

Sums up to 16 beds in total

We will charge 35 CHF for single beds per night and 40 CHF per double bed per night.

As the capacity is limited the rooms/beds are assigned in order of the applications.

If anyone wants to spend money on a more modern atmosphere, we recommend the Hotel Bellevue-Terminus in Engelberg. Rooms for a lower budget you'll find at Spannort Inn. Book the room on their website directly. They offer better prices than booking.com and other platforms.


Capacity during sessions/workshops/eating/drinking

The Gasthaus Grünenwald is convenient for up to 25 people.


 Just send us an email or call us.